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Are You Buying Or Selling A Home?

A home is one of the biggest investments most people will make in a lifetime. Whether you’re the buyer, the seller, or the Realtor, finalizing the purchase can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

K Street Inspections is a locally owned and licensed home inspection company serving  Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Whether you are buying or selling, getting to the closing table is your top priority. We work hard to do our part, so getting there is easy, fast and painless.

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  • FAA Certified Remote Pilot –  Drone Inspections of any roof,  chimney,  we can not safely access. This offers a unique perspective and provides our clients with additional information.
  • Same Day Report Delivery – We schedule ample time for the inspection &  deliver your report the same day – guaranteed.
  • Fast Communication – Calls go directly to your inspector, not an answering service. We respond to emails and texts almost immediately.
  • Thorough Inspection – We traverse through all accessible crawlspaces and attics to give you a thorough home inspection report.
  • Full Time Inspector – We provide punctual & professional service to set reasonable expectations and educate our clients about the home they are purchasing.
  • FSBO Friendly – We provide ways to assist “For Sale By Owner” transactions to protect our client and improve the overall home inspection experience.
  • Out-Of-State Client Support – We provide online invoicing and electronic reporting so clients can pay for and receive their home inspection from anywhere in the country. After the report is delivered, we can provide  dedicated phone review time to go over your inspection.
  • Realtor Association Affiliate – Access to directly schedule home inspections in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky online with E-Key or combination lock access so that there is rarely a complication with scheduling or access to the property.

See Sample Reports:

Single Family Home

Condominium Inspection

Residential Apartment Inspection

Give us a call anytime if you have any questions. You can schedule an inspection HERE or use the form below to contact us